Field Trials and Evaluation

The HAND: Empowering Teachers Programme was tested by using a quasi-experimental design with control groups (before/after effects) in five consortium countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Portugal), teachers (primary and lower secondary) being the direct target group. Additionally, we also included principals and school counsellors.

To estimate the HAND:ET system effects, the study used an experimental design with two groups: (A) a control group without an intervention; and (B) a group where teachers, principals and other school staff participated in the HAND:ET programme. The evaluation of HAND:ET was centred on the experimental testing of hypothesised HAND:ET system effects, specifically whether the HAND:ET system leads to an improvement in SEDA competencies. This experimental summative outcome evaluation was complemented by different methodological approaches to include participants' experiences and perceptions in the summative outcome evaluation and for formative purposes.

Data base

Evaluation report

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