About the project

HAND IN HAND: Empowering teachers across Europe to deal with social, emotional and diversity related career challenges (HAND:ET) is a European (Erasmus K3) policy experimentation project that brings together 11 partners and 13 associated partners from seven countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Portugal).

The project focuses on teachers by supporting their development of social and emotional competencies as well as their diversity awareness (SEDA) to empower them for the complexity of everyday working life with increasingly diverse classrooms and enable them to deal flexibly with new challenges. It also puts the teachers' well-being at the centre by highlighting how developing SEDA competencies simultaneously fosters self-care for teachers, giving a central role to the voices of teachers.

HAND: Empowering Teachers builds on the lessons learnt and insights from HAND IN HAND: Social and Emotional Skills for Tolerant and Non-discriminative Societies - A Whole School Approach which was recognised as one of the ten most relevant EU projects addressing teachers' and school leaders' needs for more attractive career paths.

In this video, Hand in Hand Program co-author, educator and participant in the program explain, form their perspective, what is the focus of the program.