Universidade de Lisboa

Universidade de Lisboa (Ulisboa) is the largest and most prestigious university in Portugal and is one of Europe’s leading universities. Heir to a university tradition that spans over seven centuries, Ulisboa acquired its current status in July 2013, following the merger of the former Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and Universidade de Lisboa. Ulisboa brings together various areas of knowledge and has a privileged position for facilitating the contemporary evolution of science, technology, arts and humanities. The quality of teaching, research, innovation and culture of Ulisboa is attracting an ever-increasing amount of talent from around the world.

Web page: https://www.ulisboa.pt/

Role in the project:

Ulisboa will be responsible for implementing the HAND: Empowering Teachers programme in Portugal and will support the upscaling of the results on the national policy level. Several researchers along with teacher trainers will be directly involved in the project. Ulisboa will work closely with ACM (High Commission for Migration) and IPDJ (Portuguese Institute for Youth and Sports) as national partners and the teacher trainers.

Project team:

Margarida Gaspar de Matos (Scientific and political consultant)

Celeste Simões

Bruno Moreira (Responsible for financial management)

Gina Tomé (Project Coordinator)

Tânia Gaspar

Catarina Noronha

Marta Reis

Cátia Branquinho

Ana Cerqueira

Marta Raimundo

Fábio Botelho Guedes

Inês Camacho

Pascoal Amaral