Network of Education Policy Centers

The Network of Education Policy Centres (NEPC) is an international non-governmental membership organisation that gathers 24 institutional members from 18 countries. The NEPC was founded in 2006 and formally established in 2008. It has four employees (executive director, financial manager, programme officer & administrative officer). NEPC members are public and civil-society organisations that deal with education at different levels from educational research and policy analysis to teacher training and school-based activities. The Network’s contribution to improving education policies in this region is reflected in its highly diverse project portfolio, which includes large projects involving multiple countries. The NEPC’s mission is to promote flexible, participatory, evidence-based and transparent education.

Web page:

Role in the project:

NEPC will be the lead of the dissemination and visibility WP (WP10) assuring high visibility of the project and its results, wide dissemination of HAND: Empowering Teachers outcomes and findings and encouraging upscaling of the HAND: Empowering Teachers system. NEPC will coordinate and support project visibility and dissemination activities and through effective management and coordination, it will ensure high-quality standards, regular monitoring of the activities and expenditures within dissemination activities.

Project team:

Svetlana Jurko (management, researcher) lana[at]

Raffaella d’Apolito (researcher/administrative support) raffaella[at]

Iva Perković (researcher/administrative support) iva[at]

Igor Hrustić (financial support) igor[at]