Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education

The DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education is a central institution in the field of educational research and educational information. DIPF supports scientists, policy-makers, and practitioners by conducting empirical research and providing innovative applications. The DIPF researchers contributing to this project are part of the Department for Teacher and Teaching Quality which deals with the quality and effectiveness of pedagogical processes in instructional settings, schools and universities. A priority is placed on researching the professionalization of pedagogical staff. DIPF was responsible for the summative and formative evaluation of the programme HAND IN HAND: Social and Emotional Skills for Tolerant and Non-discriminative Societies - A Whole-School Approach using a multi-method approach that integrated the perspectives of different stakeholders.

Web page: http://www.dipf.de/en/dipf-news

Role in the project:

DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education will be in charge of the assessment development and overall external evaluation of the policy experiment. This entails the careful planning of the evaluation process, specifying the overall aims for the evaluation and the development of measurement instruments tailored to those evaluation aims. Furthermore, DIPF will lead the process of implementing the evaluation design (preparing and monitoring the pre and post measurements and performing data analyses).

Project team:

Dr. Mojca Rožman (project coordination, researcher) https://www.dipf.de/en/institute/staff/rozman?set_language=en

Dr. Nina Roczen (project coordination, researcher) https://www.dipf.de/en/institute/staff/roczen-nina?set_language=en#0

Prof. Dr. Johannes Hartig (project coordination, researcher) https://www.dipf.de/en/institute/staff/hartig-johannes?set_language=en