Institute for Social Research in Zagreb

The Institute for Social Research – Zagreb (ISRZ) – Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) carries out socially significant, fundamental and applied quantitative and qualitative scientific research of various aspects of Croatian society. The ISRZ has 23 researchers who hold PhD degrees in the areas of sociology, psychology, educational sciences, philosophy, political sciences and cultural anthropology, as well as five pre-doctoral researchers. ISRZ research topics cover youth, education, science, religion, sustainability, gender studies and cultural studies. The Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) is a research unit within the ISRZ that carries out fundamental and applied research in education. The Centre’s mission is to improve educational policy and education in Croatia through research. The Centre strives for national and international recognition in the field of interdisciplinary scientific and developmental research of education.

Web page:

Role in the project:

ISRZ will be responsible for implementing the HAND: Empowering Teachers in Croatia and will support the upscaling of the results on the national policy level. ISRZ will take the lead in developing the theoretical overview of the core concepts or the HAND: Empowering Teachers project.

Project team:

Jelena Matić Bojić (project coordinator, researcher, trainer)

Iris Marušić (researcher, trainer)

Ivana Pikić Jugović (researcher, trainer)

Mirta Mornar (researcher, trainer)

Iva Odak (researcher, trainer)

Saša Puzić (researcher, trainer)

Dora Ranogajec (financial support)