What are we doing? (aims)

The HAND: Empowering Teachers project brings teachers into focus by supporting the development of their social and emotional competencies as well as their diversity awareness by offering the HAND: ET programme, as a set of innovative participatory activities and learning experiences that – together with regular/continuous supervision, monitoring and support – build the HAND: ET System.

The HAND: Empowering Teachers System includes:

  • HAND: Empowering Teachers programme for teachers, principals and counsellors,
  • Supervision,
  • Monitoring
  • Activities for students to be implemented by teachers and monitored by trainers.

This system is an innovative tool to empower teachers for the complexity of everyday working life in increasingly diverse classrooms, while at the same time putting teachers' well-being and self-care at the spotlight. By innovatively integrating the diversity awareness with the social and emotional competencies, the programme equips teachers with competencies to meet challenges of teaching in diverse societies, preventing them to leave the profession too early, empowering them to monitor and plan their career and supporting their own as well as their students’ well-being.