University of Graz (Uni Graz)

Founded in 1585, the University of Graz (Uni Graz) is the second oldest university in Austria. With about 31.000 students and 4.300 employees, it is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Austria. It is a comprehensive university offering about 120 study programs at 76 institutes, which are organized in six faculties. The university has a strong international profile and is involved in numerous global networks (e.g. Coimbra Group and Utrecht Network). Through these networks and various projects and activities, it is connected with about 500 international partner institutions. The university’s expertise includes the implementation and administration of international research and educational projects with partners from around the world. It is a member in the “Arqus European University Alliance”, which receives EU funding in the Erasmus+ action “European Universities”. In its international project activities, the university is committed to the transfer of know-how and the development and implementation of project-related objectives for the benefit of and progress in higher education. In basic and applied research, the university fosters topical and methodological variety within an international cooperation network and builds its profile by determining research focuses under the consideration of socially relevant research questions. Innovative interdisciplinary research and cooperation are amongst the subjects especially encouraged.

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Role in the project:

The Uni Graz is a partner in the project and will be leading WP 8 (quality assurance) of the HAND: Empowering Teachers project. Additionally, Uni Graz will be responsible for the implementation of the project (especially the teacher training) and the evaluation in Austrian schools. This institution has extensive experience in evaluation projects and will work closely with the Ministry of Education, Science and Research on a national level and with the Provincial School Board of Styria and the Private University College of Teacher Education Diocese of Graz-Seckau at a regional level. Uni Graz will also monitor dissemination and exploitation of project materials and outcomes in Austria, working closely together with the other Austrian partners and associated partners.

Project team:

Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera (management, researcher)

Ass.-Prof. Mag.phil. PhD Lisa Paleczek (management, researcher, trainer)

Mag.a Christina Oswald, MSc (researcher, trainer)

Valerie Fredericks, BA (researcher, trainer)$ctx;design=pl;header=max;lang=de/visitenkarte.show_vcard?pPersonenId=2CFC9DBFBCA4497D&pPersonenGruppe=3

Dominik Pendl, MSc (trainer)

Franziska Reitegger, MSc (trainer)

Daniela Ender, MSc (trainer)

Michaela Wright, MSc (trainer)$ctx;design=pl;header=max;lang=de/visitenkarte.show_vcard?pPersonenId=E65515E37603DB75&pPersonenGruppe=3

Jessica Berger, BA (trainer)

Katharina Prinz, BA (trainer)