Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MESS)

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport (MESS) is responsible for defining strategic and developmental goals in the fields of primary education, secondary education, higher education, and research and development activities in Slovenia. More specifically, in relation to education it defines the expert bases for adopting political documents in the field of education policy and drafts laws and implements regulations on education policy. It establishes and enhances the system of comprehensive analyses and monitoring of the situation and development in education, develops new tools for attaining education policy goals, and plans the required financial resources for education. Through various directorates, the MESS covers all fields of education (from pre-school to university).

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Role in the project:

MESS will be responsible (in close cooperation with respective Ministries in Croatia and Austria) for the development of the HAND: Empowering Teachers Policy guidelines and exploitation of projects findings and outcomes. That means that MESS (and other two Ministries) will be responsible that proposed guidelines will be in accordance to the latest international and EU trends and that the recommendations will upgrade the national development tasks in the field.

Project team:

Aleš Ojsteršek

Dr. Stanka Lunder Verlič

Mija Javornik