Participants: Experiences & Reflections

Voices of teachers, principals and counsellors participating in the HAND in HAND: Social and Emotional Skills for Tolerant and Non-discriminative Societies - A Whole School Approach project that is used as a starting point and a learning lesson for the HAND IN HAND: Empowering Teachers across Europe to deal with social, emotional and diversity related career challenges:

‘’The training is very useful. This was the first time, that I attended the training, where I got something for myself too. Other trainings are usually focused on things that you need to work with students. I like to do things practically. These exercises were amazing. I used them at classes. Excellent, only compliments need to be said. ‘’

‘’This was the best training so far, because I have learned a lot and have done some things for myself and for students. I had always come back in a better mood, then I had left.”

“What I liked the best, was the emphasis that the teacher needs to know how to calm down. It really seemed important to me that the focus was also on the teacher. That you're the first one to be taken care of. Nothing was forced on us. You could always move away if you were uncomfortable. Every time after the workshop we felt better.”

“A very useful project, especially the workshops; I use acquired knowledge in biology, very good things, especially for calming down the class, myself. In our biology classes I use the relaxation in the recognition of external bodily signs. I was in this kind of training, where you work on yourself, for the first time in my professional career.”

Empowering Educators: Hand in Hand Program Experiences

Hand in Hand: Empowering Teachers Training program to develop teachers and other school staff SEDA competences was implemented in schools across five countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Austria and Portugal).

The programme was designed to empower teachers to overcome social and emotional career challenges and transform their perspectives on diversity.

These videos offer an insightful glimpse into the experiences of educators. Watch the videos and join us on a transformative journey with educators who have participated in the Hand in Hand program!

Empowering Educators: Hand in Hand Program Experiences from Austria

Empowering Educators: Hand in Hand Program Experiences from Croatia

Empowering Educators: Hand in Hand Program Experiences from Slovenia

Empowering Educators: Hand in Hand Program Experiences from Sweden