Aarhus University

The Danish Center for Mindfulness (DCM) was established in 2013 as part of the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University (AU), backed by funding by the Danish Trygfonden. We carry out research on stress and stress reduction and run evidence-based courses in mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT) and compassion (CCT). DCM is the only institution in Denmark that educates internationally certified mindfulness teachers. We do so in cooperation with Brown University (MBSR) and Oxford University (MBCT). In addition, we offer teacher education in CCT in cooperation with Stanford University. We work on a societal level to increase the knowledge and use of mindfulness-based interventions in Danish healthcare, schools, criminal justice and workplaces. We do so to improve mental health for individuals, organizations and society at large. Aarhus University (AU) is a top ten university among universities founded within the past 100 years. It has a long tradition of partnerships with some of the world's best research institutions and university networks. AU has a strong commitment to the development of the society that is realised through its collaboration with government agencies and institutions and the business community. The university’s goal is to contribute towards solving the complex global challenges facing the world. The university, therefore, strives to combine the high level of academic standards of its researchers with collaboration across disciplinary boundaries to combine research in new ways and solve challenges in close contact with the world around us.

Web page: https://mindfulness.au.dk/

Role in the project:

DCM at AU Denmark is responsible for the process of train the trainers in social and emotional competencies and supervision of trainings for teachers and other school staff in the HAND: Empowering Teachers system. DCM has expertise in developing programs and doing teacher training programmes in different formats and doing research on the programs. Furthermore, DCM has expertise in mental health, communication and relational competence. DCM will take lead in the development of the new content targeting social and emotional competences with a focus on relational competence for the HAND: Empowering Teachers programmes. DCM will also be responsible for the training of the trainers together with MIUN, and we will together create a form of joint training of the trainers that consists of all three competencies. This includes supervision in the period where the trainers are working with the teachers.

Project team:

Katinka Gøtzsche (project leader, content developer, teacher, supervisor) https://mindfulness.au.dk/en/about-us/contact-us/employees/

Heidi Berg Nielsen (content developer, teacher, supervisor) https://mindfulness.au.dk/en/about-us/contact-us/employees/

Lone Overby Fjorback (project lead, content developer, teacher, supervisor) https://mindfulness.au.dk/en/about-us/contact-us/employees

Stina Svejbæk Eriksen (material), https://mindfulness.au.dk/en/about-us/contact-us/employees

Steffen Lund Skov Madsen (animation, material), https://mindfulness.au.dk/en/about-us/contact-us/employees

Anne Mette Kvist Vester (administration, finances, reporting)