Why is prioritizing mindfulness significant for teachers' well-being and effectiveness in the classroom?
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Mindfulness for better teaching

Learn more about why prioritizing mindfulness is essential for teachers' well-being and effectiveness in the classroom.

In the HAND:ET project we are committed to supporting educators well-being and creating a nurturing environment for both educators and students.

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future, but their profession often comes with unique challenges, including high levels of stress. To address these issues, the Hand in Hand: Empowering Teachers (HAND:ET) program focuses on teachers' well-being, emphasizing the development of social and emotional competencies and diversity awareness (SEDA). The HAND:ET Program was implemented in schools across six countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Portugal). A key component of this initiative is mindfulness.

Mindfulness, has gained recognition for its potential to alleviate stress, enhance emotional well-being, and improve mental health. In education, mindfulness has a significant relevance as it can help teachers cultivate self-awareness, emotional regulation, and stress management. These skills are vital for maintaining composure, empathy, and adaptability in the classroom. Mindfulness can also empower teachers to be present, truly listen to students, and create an inclusive learning environment.

We are sharing with you experiences and the perspective of the Hand in Hand Program co-author, educator and participant in the program in this powerful video. Watch the video to find out:

  • what is mindfulness,
  • what are the effects of practicing mindfulness and
  • how can it help teachers in their practice.
news and events
National event_DA
Feb. 20, 2024

Learn more about final national dissemination event in Denmark!

Feb. 13, 2024

Last week marked the culmination of the HAND in HAND Empowering teachers across Europe to deal with social, emotional and diversity-related career challenges project, with a final event showcasing its significant outcomes and findings.

Supporting Teachers Well-being in Croatia
Feb. 9, 2024

Learn more about final national dissemination event in Croatia.

gina tome ulisboa (1)
Feb. 8, 2024

Learn more about the implementation of the HAND:ET programme and the effects it had in Portugal.