Field trials: Update from Sweden!
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Field trials - Update from Sweden

HAND:ET project partner leading the implementation of the HAND:ET Program in schools in Sweden is Mid Sweden University (MIUN).

We have already provided you with the insight in the MIUN organization through the interview with the Helene Dahlström, teacher, special needs educator and a HAND:ET program trainer, in the article focused on the diversity awareness as an important component of the HAND:ET project.

HAND:ET MIUN team of trainers implementing the Program in schools consists of six trainers from various backgrounds such as teacher trainers, special needs educators and yoga instructors, working with 115 teachers, eight school leaders and other school staff members from six schools in Sweden.

The training started quickly after the summer break in August 2022 with the three full days of onsite training for teachers and school staff members, focusing more on the introducing the program and getting to know each other better, forming the group cohesion and common understandings.

One of the trainers shared their impression about this initial training:

I was surprised about how well this first two days proceeded and how well participants received the exercices. The teachers expressed how nice they felt getting the opportunity to focus on themselves for two days.

Field trials - Update from Sweden

After the initial onsite training, three digital meetings were held. At first, there was some reluctance but also curiosity how would this type of training work in the online setting.

The training for school leaders has also been implemented, as a one day onsite event at the campus at Mid Sweden university.

The pricipals really appreciate the content of the program, especially, the focus on empowering teachers, as they believe that teachers, in their daily work, find themselves in challenging and sometimes stressful situations.

Field trials - Update from Sweden

HAND:ET MIUN team of trainers is looking forward to continuing the work of implementing the HAND:ET program with teachers, other school staff and school leaders during the next semester as well.

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