Field Trials: Update from Portugal!
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The Aventura Social team at the University of Lisbon is implementing the HAND: ET project in schools across Portugal.

The Portuguese HAND:ET team consists of 7 trainers and the training is implemented in schools across the country, including school groups in Portimão, Cercal do Alentejo, Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, Leiria, Aveiro and on the São Miguel island in the Azores. Overall, 13 school groups are participating, including in a total of 152 teachers, directors and other professionals. Training started in mid-September 2022 and will proceed until the end of the school year, with sessions interspersed between face-to-face and online.

Teachers have shown great interest and involvement throughout the program so far and the team plans to hold an event at the end of the program where some of the work carried out by participating teachers will be presented. The ULisbon HAND:ET team is pleasantly surprised by the involvement and motivation of the teachers who participate in the training, they shared:

I am surprised by the motivation and involvement of my groups, they are implementing activities with their students, with a view to promoting their wellbeing” Gina Tomé

Despite the discouraging professional situation in which Portuguese teachers find themselves, it is incredible how they continue to be willing and motivated to do something that improves the environment and promotes the wellbeing and mental health of teachers and students in schools.” Inês Camacho

news and events
UNI GRAZ Supporting teachers with including all students_Inclusive Inquiry Model_web
Sept. 18, 2023

Learn more about Inclusive Inquiry - participatory method focused on making the lessons as inclusive as possible for all students and supporting their voice.

Webinar HAND ET Child-Teacher Dialogue A Participative Approach to Making Lessons More Inclusive
Sept. 13, 2023

HAND:ET Consortium is continuing to raise awareness and explore the topics and key concepts for supporting teachers’ well-being and developing their socio-emotional competences and diversity awareness (SEDA).

June 29, 2023

In the fifth HAND:ET Newsletter we are sharing with you news and updates on the recent project activities. Find out more in the article!

Become an advocate for supporting the teachers well-being
June 28, 2023

Teachers are working in increasingly diverse classrooms which makes their profession complex, diverse, and dynamic. We have developed RSA video that elaborates why supporting teachers’ development of social and emotional competencies as well as their diversity awareness (SEDA) in the initial and in-service teacher education is important in order to address this challenge.

March 20, 2023

On March 15th, the Inclusive Education Network of the Austrian province Styria held one of its quarterly network meetings, which bring together educators and representatives of various institutions in the area of inclusive education.