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HAND:ET project partner leading the implementation of the HAND:ET Program in schools in Croatia is Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (ISRZ).

In total 8 trainers from ISRZ and NEPC are working with 5 groups, in total 122 teachers, school leaders and other school staff members from 9 elementary schools from Zagreb and Zagreb County:

  • ES Gračani, ES Središće, ES Prečko i ES Voltino from the City of Zagreb,
  • ES Milana Langa from Bregana,
  • ES Velika Mlaka from Velika Mlaka,
  • ES Ljubo Babić from Jastrebarsko,
  • ES Samobor from Samobor &
  • ES Josipa Zorića from Dugo Selo.
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Implementation of the HAND:ET Program is going full steam ahead – half of the planned encounters have already been reached!

ISRZ team: We enjoy working with our groups of teachers, principals and school counsellors. They are interested and eager to practise and implement some of the exercises in their daily lives. It is very rewarding that we encounter participants’ openness and that we have already received some feedback about the program being meaningful for their private and professional lives.

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As the HAND:ET Program consists of onsite and online trainings, 3 onsite and 3 online trainings have been held for each group of teachers.

ISRZ team: Both participants and trainers prefer seeing each other and working in person. However, online encounters have also been pleasant. They are especially appropriate for emphatic listening exercises, as they provide the intimacy of the separate virtual rooms.

HAND:ET ISRZ team is looking forward to seeing the rest of the participants’ journey through the HAND:ET program. They hope to witness further growth in the group trust and to hear how and where participants use the insights and the skills acquired during the training.

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HAND ET at the Annual Regional School Conference
March 16, 2023

Supporting teachers’ well-being and empowering them for the complex and diverse reality and challenges they are facing on the daily basis is getting more spotlight in the educational discussions.

HAND ET presented to principals and teachers from Wales and Northern Ireland
March 16, 2023

While there is a decrease in number of teachers entering the teaching profession and teachers are leaving the profession early, HAND:ET Consortium takes every opportunity to raise the awareness on the importance of supporting teachers well-being and empowering them for the social, emotional and diversity related career challenges.

IDIZ Interview
Feb. 15, 2023

Read the interview with Iris Marušić and Jelena Matić Bojić from Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (ISRZ), HAND:ET partner leading the theoretical overview of the core concepts important for supporting teacher socio-emotional competencies and/or well-being as well as the implementation of the HAND: ET program in Croatia.

Webinar HAND ET Supporting the teacher well-being Key for the prevention of teacher burnout and drop-out from the profession
Feb. 10, 2023

Supporting the teacher well-being: Key for the prevention of teacher burnout and drop-out from the profession

Jan. 30, 2023

In the fourth HAND:ET Newsletter we are sharing with you news and updates on the recent project activities. Find out more in the article!