Announcement of further HAND:ET trainings in Austria from autumn 2023 at the meeting of the Inclusive Education Network
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On March 15th, the Inclusive Education Network of the Austrian province Styria held one of its quarterly network meetings, which bring together educators and representatives of various institutions in the area of inclusive education.

During the network meetings, current issues around inclusive education are discussed and projects are presented that may be interesting and important for people working in the field of inclusive education.

Valerie Fredericks from the University of Graz presented the HAND:ET project to a number of enthusiastic teachers who displayed a high level of interest. The presentation not only provided an overview of the entire project but also emphasized the training program and its contents, and gave an insight into the experiences of the teachers who have already been able to get to know the HAND:ET training as participants in the implementation phase.

Once the implementation is finalized, the HAND:ET trainings will continue to be offered as part of the continuous teacher education in Austria. Starting in autumn 2023, a two-day HAND:ET training will be available through the Private University College of Teacher Education Augustinum, and interested teachers can easily register for it online. The audience showed great interest in this offer.

news and events
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