Why are we doing it? 2017-06-20T08:12:18+00:00

Why are we doing it?

SEI competencies have so far not been explicitly included in national education systems across Europe. The project aims to change the role played by SEI competencies in educational settings, especially schools. It envisions the following systemic impact:

a) introduction of the HAND in HAND topic in programmes for initial and continuous professional development of school staff and other educational staff;

b) introduction of the HAND in HAND topic in curricula and extracurricular activities for students in the whole vertical of the education system;

c) legislative changes, enabling full implementation of the whole-school approach; and

d) finally, an overall value change within education systems in terms of transforming the highly competitive culture found in European schools to become more socially and emotionally emphatic, which may be considered an alternative route to bringing about high-student achievement.