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What are we doing?

HAND in HAND is a European policy experimentation project. It will develop an open-access systemic policy tool – an EU-based, universal and social-emotional and intercultural (SEI) learning programme: the HAND in HAND programme. The project targets the need experienced in Europe and internationally to develop inclusive societies for every student to feel accepted and be able to achieve their potential. The HAND in HAND programme for students and school staff builds on the importance of the relationship for human development and learning.

The HAND in HAND programme’s overall goal is to help build inclusive societies by improving the social, emotional and intercultural competencies of students and school staff – the whole-school approach. The whole-school approach engages the entire school community (in our case: students of one class, their teachers, counsellors and principal) in a cohesive, collective and collaborative effort.

Even though the SEI competencies have proven positive effects on individual-level and school-level outcomes, so far they are not explicitly included in all national education systems across Europe. The project aims to change the role of SEI competencies in educational settings.

The project’s aims are to:
The main outcomes are: