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Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (ISRZ)

Brief description

The Institute for Social Research – Zagreb (ISRZ) – Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) carries out socially significant, fundamental and applied quantitative and qualitative scientific research of various aspects of Croatian society. The ISRZ has 23 researchers who hold PhD degrees in the areas of sociology, psychology, educational sciences, philosophy, political sciences and cultural anthropology, as well as five pre-doctoral researchers. ISRZ research topics cover youth, education, science, religion, sustainability, gender studies and cultural studies. The Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) is a research unit within the ISRZ that carries out fundamental and applied research in education. The Centre’s mission is to improve educational policy and education in Croatia through research. The Centre strives for national and international recognition in the field of interdisciplinary scientific and developmental research of education.

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Partner’s role in the project

The ISRZ will be responsible for implementing the HAND in HAND policy experiment in Croatia and, as a delegated body, will assure the results are upscaled to the national policy level. It will take the lead in the HAND in HAND programme for students’ development and work closely with the NEPC to disseminate the results in Croatia.

Staff members involved in the project

Iris Marušić

She holds a PhD in Psychology. Her relevant competencies lie in planning, organising and implementing projects, in organising and managing project teams, in school improvement work, presentational skills gained via experience in presenting at various domestic and international conferences, holding workshops, teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has experience in managing teams and projects – she currently holds the position of the Head of the Centre for Educational Research and Development of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. She also has experience as a project leader, summer school leader, project coordinator, president and member of the programme and organising committees of scientific conferences; in multicultural environments (participation in international projects and summer schools); in educational policy design and development as a member of working groups for designing the Strategy for Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia and for designing curricular documents as part of the curriculum reform.


Saša Puzić

He holds a PhD in Sociology of Education, and her thesis was entitled “Education and ethnicity: a comparative analysis of European experiences”. He conducts research in the fields of intercultural education and educational inequality. He plans, organises and implements projects, provides secondary analysis of international student assessment data, while he also organises and holds workshops in schools.

Jelena Matić

She holds BA, MA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In her doctoral thesis, she explored the association between personality, cognitive ability and proneness to prejudice towards different social groups (including immigrants). She works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Social Research – Zagreb, Centre for Educational Research and Development. Her research interests and experience encompass the field of educational psychology, personality and social psychology. She has teaching experience for university students and the project management experience in national educational projects (IPA programme).


Iva Košutić

She holds a PhD in Sociology, and the title of her thesis was: “Cultural capital and social position of the family as factors of educational inequalities”, which she completed at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, as well as a BA in Sociology from the same Faculty. She has research experience in the field of sociology of education; participated in research projects that entailed various topics – the quality of compulsory education, the social dimension of secondary education, financing of higher education and equity in higher education. In previous research projects, she participated in all project phases – elaborating the conceptual framework, designing and testing the research instruments, collecting quantitative and qualitative data, performing qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and disseminating the results. She is also experienced as a teacher of university students.

Ivana Jugović

She holds a PhD in Psychology (thesis title:  “The importance of gender roles and stereotypes in the explanation of academic achievement and vocational choices”). Her research experience covers the fields of educational psychology and psychology of gender; competencies in quantitative and qualitative methods; leadership and managerial competencies as evidenced by her principal researcher role in projects and role as Chair of committees; work experience in interdisciplinary teams; experience teaching university students; experience in designing and organising workshop and training courses.