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The ECER 2018 programme goes online on 1 July.


-Social, Emotional and Intercultural Competencies as a Tool for Building Inclusive and Non-Discriminative Societies: The Role of Education

(Ana Kozina  Maria Rasmusson  Magnus Oskarsson  Birgitte Lund Nielsen  Lise Réol  Nina Roczen  Mojca Rozma)

-SEI competencies and classroom climate assessment   

(Nina Roczen  Mojca Rozman  Svenja Vieluf)

-Social, Emotional and Intercultural competencies: Developing a Programme for School Staff 

(Birgitte Lund Nielsen  Lise Andersen Reól)

-Social, Emotional and Intercultural Competencies: Policy Experimentation 

(Ana Kozina  Urška Štremfel  Manja Veldin  Maša Vidmar)

-Well-being in schools 

(Maria Rasmusson  Magnus Oskarsson  Nina Eliasson  Helene Dahlström)