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Valid and reliable tools for measuring the effects of the policy measure to be tested are a necessity and will provide us with valid conclusions regarding the HAND in HAND programme’s effects (and will also be used after the project’s lifetime). The assessment tools will be selected and developed with the consortium’s collaboration and led by the partner with extensive experience in the field. The assessment tools will be developed based on the psychometric theory (including preliminary versions and testing for measurement invariance across countries). The assessment will involve:

  • quantitative measures (self-report and observational scales), and
  • qualitative measures (semi-structured interviews, focus groups).

SEI assessment catalogue

In order to operationalise the construct of SEI competencies measures, the following will be conducted:

  • a scientific review of existing literature (on international and national levels), and
  • a review of existing measures of SEI competencies in national contexts

SEI assessment Catalogue available HERE.