Cathrine F. Bendtsen presented her BA Ed thesis based on HAND in HAND

On June 6th, 2019, graduating teacher Cathrine F. Bendtsen presented her BA Ed thesis at a public defence at VIA University College, Aarhus. Title (translated from Danish): Exercises in social-emotional awareness - and how it affects children’s well-being in schools. Abstract: The empirical material for the BA-thesis is from the context of the EU-ERASMUS project Hand in [...]

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HAND in HAND presented at Croatian “Tool fair”

Croatian partners presented Hand in Hand at the national „Tool fair“ hosted by the Agency for mobility and EU programmes, with the aim of showcasing tools that can be used for working with youth. They presented both HiH programmes and demonstrating a couple of exercises. MORE

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HAND in HAND at ISRZ Open day

On 23rd  May 2019 Hand in Hand was presented at the „open day“ (Dan otvorenih vrata) of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. Iva Košutić and Mirta Mornar presented the project and held a short workshop for high school students demonstrating a few exercises from the Hand in Hand programme for students. More on [...]

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