HAND in HAND at International Psychological Applications Conference and Trend

Last weekend "International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends" took place in Zagreb, where ERI presented some analysis from the Hand in Hand pilot. Read more about “Empathy and classroom climate as predictors of student’s well-being: An international pilot study”: http://inpact-psychologyconference.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/InPACT-2019_Book-Proceedings.pdf

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HAND in HAND in Danish relational competence movie

A movie about the work in the field of relational competence in Denmark was presented at an open arrangement on the 7th of May. Both Helle Jensen and Birgitte Lund Nielsen were interviewed in the movie, and Lise Reol is showing her work with students teachers. The speakers during the presentation of the movie referred among [...]

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Good learning environments begin with increased self-awareness

Our colleague, Greta Wiklund Lind, has written a really nice reflecting text about an experience from the student programme. It has been published at Mid Sweden University’s web. You can read the translation of the text below: Good learning environments begin with increased self-awareness I scroll through the pile of green post-it notes like a [...]

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